RRB NTPC “CHEMISTRY” Previous year Question paper

  1. The only Non Metal which is liquid at room temperature is – Bromine
  2. Which is different from the following (Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Brass) – Brass (it is an alloy others are metal)
  3. Which is the most common Kidney stone forming compound – Calcium Oxalate
  4. The filament of a light bulb is made up of – Tungsten
  5. What is C12-H22-O11 is known as – Sugar
  6. The colour of Solid Iodine – Purplish Grey to Black
  7. Gas in air is responsible for the discoloration of Brass – Hydrogen Sulphide
  8. Which of the following is popular called Laughing gas – Nitrous Oxide (GHG)
  9. Which among the happens in an Oxidation Reaction – Electrons are lost
  10. Which is the most abundant combustible natural gas – Methane
  11. What is C6H6 -Benzene
  12. Alkaline matter – Na, P, Li
  13. Good Conductor of electricity – Al, Tungsten, Ni
  14. Gun Power mainly contains – Potassium Nitrate
  15. Stainless Steel is – An Alloy
  16. What is the common name of the solution of Calcium Hydroxide – Lime Water
  17. When milk becomes sour _ is produced – Lactic Acid
  18. _ Extinguishes fire – CO2
  19. Yeast used in making bread – acts as a catalyst for Fermentation

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